1. Showcase your skills

Make sure to add all the skills you hold relevant to your talent. It will increase your chances of being matched to an SOW by our super smart algorithm!

Remember and add the years of experience on that skill too!

2. Include your expertise in the title and overview section

Treat your profile as an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients and create a space where they can get to know you and your professional style.

Be specific about your expertise in your title. It could be the first thing that catches a clients eye!

3. Include your certifications

Listing the certifications you’ve earned can help prove your specific knowledge or abilities, particularly if they relate to specific systems or software your clients may look for.

4. Show your face

It's human nature to want to see the face of a person you are communicating with. Including a profile picture that clearly shows your face, will make your profile look more professional and personable. It will also show clients they're working with a real person.

5. Keep it updated

As you develop your skills or add new ones, remember and update them on your profile too! You never when a client will be looking for that new skill you've just learnt!

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