Why is my profile not showing on the site?

Profiles will only be published once your account has been validated. You will receive an email to verify your account. Remember and check your junk mail incase it’s hiding in there.

If you are still having issues please reach out to us.

Can I import all my details from LinkedIn?

Not quite yet, we are currently working on this functionality. Please follow us on one of our socials to see new feature updates.

Will I be notified when I get matched to a job?

Yes, you will be notified via email when you are matched to a SOW.

I already have a permanent job, can I still use Gigged.AI?

Of course! If you have the time and motivation to commit to & work on other exciting projects whilst having a permanent job, Gigged.AI is the place to be!

Can I work on more than one gig at once?

Yes, you can work on multiple projects with clients across the UK.

Do I have to be vetted by the client?

Yes some of our clients would like their freelancers vetted, but we have made this super easy! We have partnered with Amiqus therefore client checks can be completed instantly on your own mobile device.

How do I make sure I am matched with SOW's?

Our matching algorithm is skills based so make sure you include all of your skills to ensure a better chance of being matched to a SOW right for you!

How do I get paid?

Once a SOW has been agreed between yourself and the client, the client will transfer the payment to a secure legal holding account. Once you have completed the SOW the money will be released to you using the online payment platform Stripe.

Can I put proposals forward for jobs I'm not matched with?

Yes! Some clients may want to post work packages if they haven't found the right match for their SOW. In this case you will be able to submit a proposal to the client directly.

What does it cost to use Gigged.AI?

It is completely free to sign up and create a profile on Gigged.AI. We charge a 5% platform fee for every completed statement of work.

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