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How do I complete a milestone?
How do I complete a milestone?
Written by Rachel King
Updated over a week ago

If you have agreed to break down the payment into milestones with the freelancer, then you will need to complete each milestone before beginning the next one to ensure the payment is released to the freelancer at the end of each agreed milestone.

  1. Once you are happy that the freelancer has completed the milestone to the deliverable you both agreed, you need to complete that milestone. Head to Ongoing Gigs and select the gig

2. When you hired the freelancer, you will have paid for the first milestone. To complete this milestone, hit the Complete Now button

3. Confirm that you definitely want to complete the milestone

4. That milestone will now show as complete

5. You can now pay for the next milestone. It is important to always complete the previous milestone before beginning the next one. You will be notified that payment has been successful and the next milestone is able to begin.

6. Once you have completed all milestones, it is important to complete the gig overall by hitting the Complete Gig button. This will move the gig under Completed Gigs on your dashboard and you can leave feedback and a rating for the freelancer here.

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